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2020 Vision

Philotimo ~ a conscious conscience

11 11 Solutions is foremost an expression of an awakened state of being, where authentic and ethical intention is paramount for all goals, advice and actions.

"Nathan is a creative genius at bringing community together and stimulating intelligent discussion in support of the greater good." ~ Jennifer Harty of Clear Course Creation

Wisdom Through Experience

Since 1984, Nathan James has been in service to business owners in creating custom solutions, combining vision and technology for efficient budget friendly results - from executive coaching, enterprise automation, network design, IT support, workflow to web integration, online marketing, brand creation, nonprofit stewardship, and community building, serving all departments of hundreds of organizations - always "from your perspective".

A Simple Choice

With your simple choice to receive our support, you will receive dedicated attention, beginning with overcoming limiting beliefs, to being your advocate for your purpose, mindful of your budget, while guaranteeing results.

Our Mission

We Support Your Intentions

Our mission is to inspire, celebrate, and support you and your organizational goals through the practice of Philotimo, as a primary directive for all human interactions and transactions.

Nothing Like The Now

We are building a community of ethically pledged organizations, in service to you, each other and the world.

Success Stories

Institutional Real Estate, Inc.

11 11 Solutions 11 11 Global IREI Ethics Certification Philotimo Walnut Creek Executive Coaching

Founded in 1987, Institutional Real Estate, is a global media firm recognized as a critical nexus for the sharing of industry intelligence, knowledge and insights on the institutional real estate and infrastructure marketplaces through its publications, events and consulting services.

Over the course of a 20 year relationship, the 11 11 Team selected, built and supported all the computers and software for the network and multi-continent communications, including FileMaker database and web solutions and support for the implementation of SalesForce.

"I worked with Nate, for nearly twenty years. He handled all of our IT issues through a long, long period of growth, and served us well as our needs expanded. Always did his best to put the needs of our company first, and provided us with good, solid advice throughout his engagement with us."  ~ Geoffrey Dohrmann,

DuMOL Winery

11 11 Solutions DuMOL Winery FileMaker Developer Consultant Management Coaching Ethics Certification

Over a 12 year relationship, Nathan brought the vision, hired the team and managed the development of a custom enterprise sales and operations application, which automated processes for millions of dollars in sales. Client web interaction directly accessed DuMOL's internal sales process and synchronized with QuickBooks Enterprise, such that a single click of the mouse button could process thousands of invoices, over a million dollars in sales, with an automated selection of carriers, insurance, tracking of single unit and aggregate inventory reporting, creation of waybills, invoices, credit card charges, receipts, emails to clients, along with electronic data interchange with fulfillment houses and compliance services to regulate shipping.

Nathan and the 11 11 Team provided event and winemaking photography, copyediting, website development, and complete network IT support as DuMOL grew from thousands to millions of dollars in sales and became a premiere winery of the Russian River Valley.

Golden Mailer Coupons

11 11 Solutions 11 11 Global Ethics Certification Philotimo Golden Mailer Coupons Executive Coaching

Nathan and the 11 11 Team, supported their Mac network for coupon design and production for over 20 years. 

Nathan built their enterprise software to manage all transactions, contracts, commissions, and job tracking which served as their primary operations softwware for over 15 years.

“It is the most important software decision since the company was created in 1981. Our system houses all of our invoices, contracts, mailings, commissions and client relationship management. It has more than paid for itself many, many, times over the years, and we expect to be using it well into the future.”

~ Nicole Barger of
Golden Mailer Coupons

Prima Ristorante and Prima Vini Wine Shop

11 11 Solutions 11 11 Global Prima Restaurant Walnut Creek Ethics Certification Philotimo

"Nathan James and the 11 11 Team has successfully supported our complex and changing needs for over 16 years, as our outsourced IT department, providing technology consulting & support, data management, web development, and acting as a representative of Prima with other technology vendors. We appreciate the ongoing partnership. Their services have been critical to our success. Prima is established as one of the can't-miss food and wine destinations of Northern California, for over 34 years, featuring one of the most extensive and distinguished wine collections in the world."

~ Peter Chastain, Prima Ristorante

LekasMiller Design

11 11 Solutions Business Coaching IT Support FileMaker Automation Ethics Certification 11 11 Global

LekasMiller Design is a graphic and advertising studio that's been making all kinds of businesses better looking and more prosperous since 1979. 

Nathan created a simple solution of a custom job tracking application and for how many years was in in use? Fifteen? All I know is all the problems were solved as our children grew up. 

"Nate has been working with our firm for over 20 years, and not only is his technical knowledge vast, he is a pleasure to work with." ~ Ali Gencarelle, LekasMiller Design

Hanson & Fitch


"After witnessing what Nathan and his team provided DuMOL, allowing them to run all their customer interaction, billing for shipping, and administration for a multi-million winery, with only 3 people working in the office, I simply told Nate, 'I need that and I need it now!'. He immediately began demonstrating the benefits of automation for our business, taking us from struggling with reports from many drivers, writing many small checks, to simply clicking a button that did it all. We were hooked.

Now our entire operation, every department at multiple locations, depends on this system allowing our company to grow into new areas with confidence. 

I highly recommend Nathan's process of development, as well as the results of automation for any enterprise." - Todd Fitch, Hanson & Fitch

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