Web-based Applications

Really take your organizaton online

11 11’s web expertise extends beyond just designing websites. We build functionality.

Internet users rely on web based applications every day.

What would have been a program installed on Windows or Mac just a few years ago can now run entirely inside your web browser. That development has revolutionized how many businesses operate, not to mention how we connect to each other, spend our free time, and share ideas and experiences both inside and outside of the office.

One example is Google Drive, which banished the old, inefficient method of emailing files back and forth or trading USB thumb drives. People now expect to be able to instantly view, share, and simultaneously collaborate on cloud-hosted documents in a user interface located entirely within a browser.

Similarly, Facebook has ushered in a new era in human relationships. The basis of its success is the very flaw that doomed its predecessors: no software needs to be installed in order to access the full splay of features that it offers. That means no matter what computer your friends may be using, they are never prevented from chatting, sharing, liking, and browsing.

The possibilities for innovation are endless—including for your organization.

Why a Web-based Application?

The application just works—whether you’re using Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, or something else.

Most web-based applications have the same technical requirements as simple websites: a modern web browser. While it is possible to create applications that work on mobile devices, it is generally a best practice to create a native app for more complex applications.

11 11 can deliver

No matter what we’re creating, our specialty is custom functionality. Whether it’s for a website or a web app, our prime directive is to help our clients achieve their goals—even if it’s a tall order. Years of experience building Drupal and WordPress websites with advanced custom capabilities doesn’t just prove that we can create the functionality your organization needs. It also shows that we know how to work with clients big and small so that the product they need is delivered on time and on budget.