You’ve got the questions. We’ve got the answers.

Then again, we’ve got the questions which only you can answer.
We follow a formal Discovery Process. Discovery is an information gathering process to understand the overall goals, target audiences, and current competition in order to develop the functional requirements for a website. Discovery ensures mb/i learns your business to make the proper online recommendations to achieve the specific business goals set out for the website.
The process involves a few or all of the following, depending on the depth of your website:

    1. Kickoff Meeting
    1. Sales Process Analysis
    1. Creative Brief
    1. Industry and Competitive Analysis
    1. Audience Scenarios
    1. Site Map
    1. Wireframes
    1. Content Plan
    1. Milestones Timeline
    1. Off-site Integration Analysis
    1. SEO Preparation
    1. Specifications Document
    1. Itemized Budget