What’s in a consultation / site review?

An initial hour-long consultation costs no money. You’ll find it well worth the time and thought you and 11 11 invest in it.

We ask questions. We’ll ask you to fill out a short questionnaire so we can learn about your business and its needs. We’ll want to know about your online goals: Do you need your first-ever site? If you’ve got a site, do you want to re-vamp it, or completely re-build it? What are your chief goals for your website? What is your current site doing well for you; where is it not hitting the mark? We’ll also be interested in hearing about sites you like, and the sites of your business competitors. And we’ll want to know about your level of confidence around building and maintaining a website.

We answer questions. Of course, we look at your existing site. When we’ve reviewed it and analyzed the information you’ve provided, we’ll be able to tell you what we see that’s working, what’s not and to what degree it can be affecting business. We might suggest design options, ways to add or polish content, how to add punch with graphics or animation, how to stay in touch with customers using a blog or newsletter.

We also answer your questions about our process, our services, our expertise. Whatever you want to know about how we can help you achieve your goals–ask away!
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