Marissa Berger Interactive History

Marissa Berger Interactive (mb/i) was founded in 2000 as a full-service Web development company. Their core competency has been the development of beautiful, functional websites, with an unwavering attention

to detail – providing strategy and concept development, design, production and programming, testing and deployment, multimedia presentation development, search engine optimization and social media branding.

The mb/i team continues to be proud for knowing how to listen, on meeting all deadlines and budgets, and on maintaining a high level of professionalism and business ethics. We learned that the right process is crucial to the end result.

In its 15 years in business, mb/i has accumulated a portfolio of over 250 unique online projects, including websites, blogs, email templates, and multimedia presentations. In addition to such projects, we have maintained long-term relationships with many clients adding functionality to their sites on an on-going basis. On average, mb/i serves 20-25 new clients per year in addition to our existing clients.

Over the past 18 years, Marissa has provided Web development services for organizations both large and small, including Aidells Sausage Company, ASUC Auxiliary of U.C. Berkeley, California Academy of Sciences, JDS Uniphase Corporation, Prudential Realty of California, Siemens, Visa, Hewlett-Packard and Intel. As a Web design expert, Marissa has worked in graphic design, production and coding, Flash development, databases and e-commerce. Marissa graduated from U.C. Berkeley and holds an MBA, with a focus in Marketing. The combination of her in-depth knowledge of the Web’s possibilities and her education and professional experience allows her to deliver creative thinking, creative design, and a creative approach to each client’s online needs.

Natánn History

Founded Natánn in 1994 as a company that was more than geeks-4-hire, but instead operating as a strategic business partner, focused on long-term relationships for local small businesses. Over the years, supplying network design, procurement, installation, support, as well as custom database development for full operation automation, marketing graphics, websites, copy editing, photography and the complete integration of all services.

Owner Nathan James cut his teeth on Commodores, Apple IIs, the original IBM PC, and then the first MacWrite and MacPaint, leading to a focus on Desktop Publishing using PageMaker, Quark X-Press and the first LaserWriter. He’s provided support on every Mac OS version released, developed FileMaker applications in use today, and managed large Windows networks from Take Care Health to the local Fire Department.

Nathan provided the consulting for the procurement process, the design and selection of a blend of local or cloud based services, always with an eye on budgets, efficiency and security.

The Natánn team, computer and business consultants, who were generous with there time, each with more than 10 to 20 years of experience, with the integrity, patience, and communication skills of your personal therapist, bring this experience to 11 11 Solutions.

We come to your location, only charge for productive time, and are about building lasting business relationships.

We provide total IT support for your PC, Mac, network & servers, from quickie fixes over the phone to managed projects and 24/7 monitoring.

All work is performed with a commitment to personal service and integrity.

We opened for business in 1994, serving local businesses in the East Bay, and being family and community oriented people, with our client’s support, plan to continue to do so, as 11 11 Solutions, Inc.