11 11 Meaning

11 11 is most often associated with Transformation and when we set out on our mission to improve a client’s face to the world, we often dive into a transformation of the organization.

11 11 for some is An Awakening… A new perception or awareness and in our case, it is a new mission to give back to the community, not only to work for a client, but work with them, discovering and encompassing their mission with our own, and this is especially true with our non-profit work and becoming a “B” Corporation, one that, as a matter of mission, must do more than make a profit. We must be part of the larger whole that serves a purpose for the larger community.

If you enjoy symbolism, in our logo, the 11 11 is the orange rays of a dawn over the fluid ocean, a new day for the Universe, a fresh start. The Ones represent a solitary inner experience, yet in a community of others, born from the oneness of all things, finding balance and order. It is our mission to provide order and focus from a brainstorm of ideas, which is represented in the fluid source of all knowledge.

For us, it is about discovering one’s true authentic and creative self, whether it be an individual or a synergistic group, creating and shaping a organization.

The S is for Solutions, our mission to find and produce for our clients – from the Sea of all options. Solutions is our purpose.

The orange dot, is a nod to the yin-yang, yet in a state of openness and discovery, an incomplete whole, with a hint of question and color. The dot is central to the Internet, a parsing character, the geek in our team, with the Internet being a revolution in itself. Also from the ‘i’ of mb/i, it represents our inspiration.

Our colors are orange, a new light, the flame, the gift of the legacy of Marissa Berger / Interactive, layered over the teal ocean depth of the legacy of Natann Consulting.