Experience and commitment

Marissa has since built MB/I into a team of designers and programmers who have worked 10 years, on average, in the industry. In other words, we’ve all been involved with the Internet from germination through every stage of growth (including that awkward adolescent phase a few years back).
We’ve got the experience because we love what we do. Simply put, it’s fun!

Creative problem solvers

Most businesses deal with the same problems: the need to attract customers, increase business, and get the message out.
Yet for your business–for every business–the specifics of those problems are unique. You have a certain target audience to attract, a precise message to convey, and perhaps shareholders to gratify.
At 11 11, we love that explicit challenge: identifying solutions and implementing them in a creative, compelling way.
We bring our combined experience to the problem, and enjoy that wonderful synergy that comes from collaboration. And we’re not just web “techies”: We’ve got a thorough understanding of sales, product promotion, advertising, and branding, thanks to years of business experience, not to mention Marissa’s MBA in Marketing.
You’ll see from our portfolio some of the creative solutions we’ve provided various businesses.

We get the job done right… the first time.

We do it right, right off the bat. No waste! Think of what that saves you in terms of time, money, and blood pressure.
We get it done right not because we’re mind-readers, but because we start out right. Read about how we get your project started and the process we follow to completion.
At 11 11 we know how to plan. We know how to execute the plan. We know how to build a site that suits your particular business situation.
We do it right for you the first time. We want you back, so we can do it right for you the next time, too.